Our quality commitment


Van Beveren has its own centre for the insertion of polyamide strips for the insulation of aluminium profiles.

The insulated profiles are stored, unfinished, for uni-colour lacquering.

The bi-colour profiles are insulated after lacquering.


Van Beveren is continuously optimising the quality of its packaging in order ensure that the raw and lacquered profiles are delivered without damage.

In order to avoid slippage the profiles are packed in thin, highly-adhesive, plastic film.

PVC or cardboard spacers are placed between each layer of profiles.

In order to avoid friction problems with the steel, our transport bins are equipped with rubber bands.


Van Beveren has its own automated lacquering line that meets the Qualicoat standard.

Van Beveren offers a range of popular colours in matte, gloss, or structured. However, all other colours are possible.

The lacquering is guaranteed for 10 years (see conditions) and can be applied to lengths up to 7500 mm.


Anodising is a surface treatment that protects and decorates a piece of aluminium (or alloy) or titanium (or alloy) using anodic oxidation (electrically-insulated layer of 5 to 50 micrometers).

This provide better resistance to wear, corrosion and heat. The thickness varies according to the purpose of the final product.

The anodisation quality conforms to the Qualanod standard.

High-Tech Test Centre

Van Beveren has its own test bench for certification:

  • Wind-resistance
  • Air-tightness
  • Water-tightness.

Our equipment also allows us to carry out shock and anti-burglary tests.