Communications Dynamics

Marketing Tools / Communications

As a Van Beveren manufacturer/expert, you can obtain marketing and communications tools that are personalised with the Van Beveren logo:

  • Demonstration boxes,
  • product folders,
  • company brochure Promotional gadgets The conditions for obtaining these promotional items are specified in the collaboration agreement.

You will find the complete list of marketing and communications tools, as well as Van Beveren promotional items, in the “Manufacturer’s Space”.

Participation at public exhibitions

Van Beveren ensures its notoriety by participating in various exhibitions for private individuals.

In addition, manufacturers/experts, and their dealers, are also allowed to use our stand, per a predetermined schedule, so that they, too, can meet potential customers.

All addresses, collected at trade fairs, are redistributed to experts/ manufacturers, according to the visitor’s home region.

Support for promotional activities

Van Beveren encourages and supports all communications activities by which the Van Beveren brand is promoted.

Van Beveren can also support promotional initiatives taken by our manufacturers/experts, including regional fairs, open days, special events, work-site signs, print, radio, and internet advertising.

Do not hesitate to suggest projects.