Your frames are new, and beautiful, and you want to keep them in a brand-new condition for as long as possible.

Pollution, carried by wind and rain, often contains chemicals that can damage surface protection.

It is a good idea to carry out periodic maintenance with suitable products and care.

Cleaning Procedure

It is important to rinse your aluminium constructions with clean water to remove dust, sand and other abrasive materials.

Wash with water and a drop of natural detergent (neutral pH), then rinse thoroughly with pure water.

It is not advisable to wash aluminium structures during, or directly after, sun-exposure.

Maintenance Frequency

The maintenance frequency is mainly determined by the prevailing environmental conditions and the extent to which the aluminium structures are exposed to rain and wind.

Aluminium construction exposed to precipitation and located in a rural environment: 2 maintenance sessions per year, per façade.

Aluminium construction in an urban environment, an industrial environment, or an environment exposed to sea air: 4 maintenance sessions per year, per façade.