A professional solution for every type of project.

Because our success is based on your success!

Who are we?

Van Beveren is a Belgian, family-run company.

Van Beveren has been a designer of product lines for more than 60 years, and has positioned itself as a key partner in exterior aluminium joinery, offering a range of high-performance, aesthetic solutions to meet all your needs.

With a 300,000 m² infrastructure and a wide network of Van Beveren expert manufacturers, the Belgian company, Van Beveren Aluminium, has widely established itself in the BENELUX market, and has developed its business activities in several countries throughout the world.

Van Beveren also has its own painting and lacquering line.

What do we offer?

Due to its wide range of products, from framing, doors, sliding systems, conservatories, curtain walls, carports, etc., Van Beveren Aluminium offers a fully customisable solution for every type, and style, of project.

The employees at our Technical Centre are available to assist manufacturers, designers, developers, architects, and general contractors, seeking to integrate our systems into their projects.

Van Beveren products can meet all your expectations in terms of insulation values, design, and robustness.
All of our systems are tested and certified in our very own test centre: ATG, SKG, etc.

Our lacquering is conforms to the Qualicoat standard.

Our anodising conforms to the Qualanod standard.